Pulsoid users: Interview with the streamer Black Dahlia.

General info

Link: https://twitch.tv/blackdahlia42

Started streaming: April 2016

Favorite game genre: Horror

Favorite game: Vampire the Masquerade

Followers: 1,111

Platform: Twitch

Favorite streamer: TallerToast

Stream frequency: 5–6 Days a week/4–6 hour streams

Country/Language: United States, English

When did you start streaming and why?

I started streaming in April 2016, because being a single mom makes going out to socialize difficult & I wanted to find friends who shared my love of games.

Have you met interesting people thanks to streaming? Any new friends?

Yes, I actually have met lots of very unique, wonderful people — I even met my boyfriend through Twitch because of streaming.

How you’re being a mom and streaming affect each other?

I have to always put my kids first, and it definitely affects my streaming. I have to take afks and longer breaks from streams than many streamers, and sometimes I have to cancel stream entirely because my kids are sick or if they just want a night spending time with me, I always will cancel stream for them.

Where did your username come from?

I have a true crime obsession, and the Black Dahlia murder has always been one of my favorite unsolved crimes to study. The 42 was in part just because plain BlackDahlia was taken, but I also adore Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy — and I had a small chuckle at an unsolved crime being paired with the answer to the ultimate question.

What is your favorite part of streaming?

Getting to share things I love with so many new people, and just connecting with people in a different way. Loving horror and serial killers is becoming more popular but it’s still amazing to feel comfortable and welcome when you rant about those things that typically scare others away.

What is the biggest issue you met while streaming?

Trying to juggle the stress and time consumption of streaming with a healthy IRL life as well. Making sure my kids have time with me, I’m not missing so much sleep that my day job suffers…all while trying to not stress over my channels growth.

What equipment do you use?

I have a Blue Snowball Ice microphone, Elgato stream deck, Coolspo heart rate monitor, and I use Streamlabs OBS with Streamlabs Chat Bot for my streaming programs.

How did you find out about Pulsoid?

I realized that the jump scares are a large part of what makes my horror variety so entertaining, and I started looking into ways to show how scared I was — my googling took me to Pulsoid’s twitter page!

What changed in your streaming after you start using the Pulsoid?

My community has definitely started to work overtime on trying to scare me during these horror games! But also, it created a fun new challenge to see if I could control my fear/intensity while playing. My stream has sound fx that viewers can activate to try to scare me.

That sound feature sounds so cool! Do your viewers use that often?

They do and they love it! I have quite a few sounds that are game specific that my viewers love, and there are key sounds that are made just for trolling me and scaring me and my community loves to abuse them.

What is missing from Pulsoid functionality?

It would be cool if there was a way to see a graph of your changes in heartrate during active use, or at least somehow save your highest heartrate spikes. This would help not only a visual of how your heartrate was during the stream, but you could look at it for reference to go back and snag clips of those spikes.

(Pulsoid note: Analytics allows to find clips for Twitch streamers and CSV export allows you to analyze all the data in any way you want. The real-time graph widget is in the plan)

Who do you love watching on Twitch right now?

TallerToast — I’ve put more hours into watching him than anyone else on twitch.

What was the most memorable moment that happened on stream?

To this day, my communities favorite moment is when I tried to play Emily Wants To Play on stream with Pulsoid and got such a scare that my heartrate spiked over 130bpms

What are your interests in life except streaming?

Special FX makeup, horror movies and true crime — I have a fascination with criminal psychology and the investigations/trials of major cases.

Would you recommend Pulsoid for other streams? What interesting apps you can recommend for streaming?

Absolutely! It adds such an amazing extra layer to what you’re streaming when viewers can physically see how intense the game is getting (even if it’s something physical like Just Dance or Beat Saber). Another app I’d recommend would be if you want to share mobile content, Team Viewer is an amazing mobile screen capture app you can install to play mobile games on stream easiest.

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